Tuesday, July 14, 2009

filthy stinkin rich

hey guys... sorry i havent posted in a while even though there are probably only like 3 people actually watching this blog.. ive been hanging with my (12 yr old) cousin a lot in the past 2 weeks at his house in nj and in a-town .. hes kinda wealthy so i got to go to the womens open at saucon valley country club for free and see a bunch of foreighners compete in the valley which is kinda cool then i went to his house for like 4 days where i bummed around with him .. and now im back in a-town and just chilled with friends and stuff as usual .

hes so rich he has the production value to make it look like the money is up to his head

this is an expensive car i took a picture of when i was eating a expensive dinner at a expensive resturant with my "rich" cousin (exaggeration) .. you can tell its expensive because its such a bright color

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