Sunday, June 28, 2009


so today i was hella bored then dan hit me up and said we should ride somwhere before he had work (which everyone has exept for me , leaving me incredibly bored) so we ride out to the fish hatchery through the parkway for the second time and get there, feed fish , then find out that dan is late for work.. so we ride back and stuff but in the end it was all hearty good fun... oh yeah did i tell you i got prototype?

a sign in which me and dan joked about soon after seeing it.. caution, gravity
some badass prototype dude named the specialisti think i made this for someone to deminstrate my ms paint ability its a dinosaur penis hybrid called "Penisaur"... you have to guess which "white" is cloud and which isnt

Thursday, June 25, 2009


this is dans request of many animals we encounter at muhlenburg tennis courts and usually name them

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


sorry tyler but this was requested by a few people...

too much posting?

just chillin at home .. bintner and joe were here but they went to get some food and theyll be back. i feel like im going to be posting alot because im bored all the time when im not doing something, and this is entertaining .. heres some eye candythis is sparkle eyez : the clown . he lives on the muhlenburg tennis court and he is my first love story.


one last post before i go to bed that isnt some ms bullshit.. a few pics

a leet locker in the boys locker room.. allen ofcourse

a pic of jeremy in a freezer at the farmers market during the fair.. mad long ago

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

one more for the road

heres the second post from the gates of hell.. enjoy.. or dont


uhh right so this is my blog sort thing.. and umm heres some shit to look at(its all you get without el carro de loco gold account). ill be posting shit like it from time to time. its not much but at least its something ,right? oh also all my non-new stuff is gunna be slightly shitty quality cus i forget to save it in the right format.. whatever, peace.