Wednesday, July 15, 2009

request for requests

this isnt really a blog post , its just me saying i need more requests.. because i dont have any.. when you think you need something stupid drawn then lemme know

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

filthy stinkin rich

hey guys... sorry i havent posted in a while even though there are probably only like 3 people actually watching this blog.. ive been hanging with my (12 yr old) cousin a lot in the past 2 weeks at his house in nj and in a-town .. hes kinda wealthy so i got to go to the womens open at saucon valley country club for free and see a bunch of foreighners compete in the valley which is kinda cool then i went to his house for like 4 days where i bummed around with him .. and now im back in a-town and just chilled with friends and stuff as usual .

hes so rich he has the production value to make it look like the money is up to his head

this is an expensive car i took a picture of when i was eating a expensive dinner at a expensive resturant with my "rich" cousin (exaggeration) .. you can tell its expensive because its such a bright color

Thursday, July 2, 2009

cruz and the adventure of the west end

so today i went to the west end with friends after not getting any sleep from a wacky sleep over with dylan ,bintner, and mumbower.. so we go down there and go to a creek down by the rose garden and walk in it and stuff then go to wendys ,eat (thx for that frosty mumbower) , then go to trexler park.. it ends at giant and we chill there for a little before leaving and all this is in a span of around 4-6 hours.. so i had some fun and stuff .. sorry but i forgot to take many pictures. heres some

bintner,dylan,and asher with trexler park scenery

me on some modern art in trexler

Sunday, June 28, 2009


so today i was hella bored then dan hit me up and said we should ride somwhere before he had work (which everyone has exept for me , leaving me incredibly bored) so we ride out to the fish hatchery through the parkway for the second time and get there, feed fish , then find out that dan is late for work.. so we ride back and stuff but in the end it was all hearty good fun... oh yeah did i tell you i got prototype?

a sign in which me and dan joked about soon after seeing it.. caution, gravity
some badass prototype dude named the specialisti think i made this for someone to deminstrate my ms paint ability its a dinosaur penis hybrid called "Penisaur"... you have to guess which "white" is cloud and which isnt

Thursday, June 25, 2009


this is dans request of many animals we encounter at muhlenburg tennis courts and usually name them

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


sorry tyler but this was requested by a few people...

too much posting?

just chillin at home .. bintner and joe were here but they went to get some food and theyll be back. i feel like im going to be posting alot because im bored all the time when im not doing something, and this is entertaining .. heres some eye candythis is sparkle eyez : the clown . he lives on the muhlenburg tennis court and he is my first love story.